How to Start a Web Directory

This question of How to make a Directory has been posted Directoryscape again and again on various directory forums. So I planned to write a small blog post to getting started on your own directory. Now let us get familiar with the term “directory”. The prime motive of any directory to organize various resources, so that they can be easily found instead of searching on various search engines.

So below are the steps listed to eventually becoming a directory webmaster.

1. Hosting : With so many hosting companies Primewebdir you can easily sign up for a shared hosting account to set up your directory. Once your directory starts getting some huge traffic and becomes popular then you can move your directory on a dedicated server.

2. Selection of Directory Script : This is really most crucial step ilweb and with many directory scripts around like PhpLD, Esyndicat, SiteSift and PhpLynx or for PhpLinkBid for bidding directories you will not be having a tough time deciding the script as per your needs. Again all these scripts also come in with a free version and also paid version. It is quite obvious that there is a better support and more features with the paid version of the script. So It will be really your decision, how you would like to scale your directory. There is always a upgrade from the free version of the script to the paid version.

Tip : I will highly recommend you to start on with PhpLD, Bsocialtoday not because I am affiliated with them in any way. But It is the most popular directory script and has largest number of mods, templates and a very big support forum.

3. Niche Selection for your directory : Now after that you have decided on the directory script. It is important to decide up on the fact that whether you want to start a general directory, bidding directory or a niche directory. So accordingly you can modify the category structure as per your needs.

4. Installation of the Directory Script : Most of the directory scripts are easy to install, Webdiamonds But if you are not good with the installation or find installation difficult. You can get the script installed by paying some one on the Services forums or various directory forums. Please do not use a category dumps available with the scripts to create categories, instead use unique category structures and that will help you rank better on search engines.

5. Templates and Mods for your directory : voteit Directory scripts generally come up with some default templates and you can use them or you can use many of the free templates available online and the same goes with mods for the directories.
Directory mods really enhance the directory functionality.

6. Promotion of your Directory : Congrats and welcome to the world of directories. There is actually no rule as to how you can promote your directory. You will have get quality backlinks for your directories, Directoryshine do lot of link building, social
book marking and hang around with other directory web masters for more tips on directory submission.

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